Eric Unkauf

Eric Unkauf

Eric Unkauf is the owner and manager of The Shirt Factory in the City of Glens Falls. Eric brings the unique experience of a private citizen in the historic reuse market. Growing up in Massachusetts, Eric saw untapped potential in the old mills around him. After moving to the Capital Region for an engineering degree from RPI, he attended an auction at the former McMullen-Leavens Shirt Factory in 1996 that sold off much of the production equipment. Eric recognized the unique opportunity and began working to preserve the property, even though he would not take possession of the property for another 3 years. Unkauf planned to use the basement for his manufacturing business and rent out several floors to artists looking for studio space.  Since then, The Shirt Factory has come to life and become an anchor in Glens Falls’ east-end neighborhood. Nearly 100 creative, talented, and passionate individuals are now part of a community at The Shirt Factory. The building includes artist’s studios, retail shops, galleries and healing arts. Eric also manages the popular Thursday Market, a gathering every Thursday of restaurants and other vendors outside the Shirt Factory building. The market has become a place where all kind of makers, from food truck to farmers to artists, can connect with residents. Eric recently bought a second building next door, planning to expand The Shirt Factory. The new building includes a distillery and a satellite location for the Adirondack Folk School, which offers courses in woodworking, blacksmithing and other crafts.


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