The American Planning Association (APA) is the largest national organization to advance the broad spectrum of professional planning—advocating for planning excellence, efficiency and quality through its 47 state Chapters.  The Capital District Planners Association (CDPA) is one of five Sections under the New York Upstate Chapter, sharing the mission to encourage local involvement from the wide range of interconnected planning disciplines.

From urban design to environmental resiliency, planning is scalable, and CDPA aims to provide resources for education, professional and career development from public to private sector.

WHY BEING A PART OF CDPA MATTERS.  At 300+ members, CDPA increases your exposure to other professional planners and dynamic groups, at both a local and regional level.  CDPA will help you build relationships, gain referrals and certification credits.

Get connected, stay engaged, and sharpen your networking skills through exclusive member-driven and career-oriented events. Your participation and affiliation enriches our planning community, and helps shape the diverse opportunities we provide to all of our members and participants.

CDPA activities and events help planners build connections within the professional planning community in the Capital Region.

Mark Castiglione

NYS Upstate Chapter

During my time on the board, I worked to provide members with ‘behind the scenes’ tours…. events and continuing education that CDPA provides, allows planners to expand their knowledge, diversify their experience and put a fresh lens on the world in which we’re often playing an influencing role.

Martin Daley

Past CDPA Board Member